Displaying Your Photos – 2

Last month we discussed some tips on displaying your photos so that they can be enjoyed and bring pleasure in your home. This month, we continue the discussion with more tips.

When displaying your photos, you need be aware of the glazing that is used. Glazing is the glass or other transparent material that allows your photos to be seen clearly.

There are different types of glazing. If you want to preserve your photos for many years, you may want to invest in conservation-grade material that will protect your photos from UV rays. This type of glazing is more expensive but may be worth it if displaying your photos is a very long-term project.

Another consideration to ponder when displaying your photos is whether to use glass or acrylic. Both have good points and not-so-good points.

For example, acrylic is more lightweight and resists shattering. On the other hand, it is more easily scratched than glass. Its light weight makes it better for shipping where weight equals cost.

Glass is a better choice because of the scratching factor. Also, it won’t become as charged with static electricity as acrylic. When acrylic becomes charged like this, every bit of dust and hair inside a fair distance will adhere to it.

Yet another factor to keep in mind when displaying your photos is the mounting board you use. Rigidity and quality are the two most important factors when choosing your mounting board.

You want to have a sufficiently rigid mounting board when displaying your photos to prevent buckling of your photo. In general terms, the thicker the mounting board, the better. Thicker boards won’t be affected as much by temperature and humidity. Be sure the thickness of the mounting board doesn’t exceed the depth of the frame’s rabbet.

Also, you will likely want to include a dust paper to the back of the frame when displaying your photos. This will keep out dust and other particles from the photo.

Be sure the wire and other equipment you use to secure your photo to the wall are of good quality. Displaying your photos can become a disaster if the wire and hooks securing them to the wall give way.

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