Displaying Your Photos

With the invention of cameras on cell phones, more photos are being taken on a daily basis. This brings up a related question of what is the best way of displaying your photos.

Certainly, you can post photos on social media and display them in that way. But that doesn’t give you the pleasure of viewing them as often as you’d like unless you spend a great deal of time looking at your computer or your cell phone.

Instead, consider having your photos printed and displaying your photos in your home.

There is still something very satisfying about having your precious photos out where you can handle them and hang them on the wall. Displaying your photos in this way also lends a feeling of warmth to your home and adds to the attractiveness of your home.

Displaying your photos can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Some of them will be perfectly all right placed in a nice frame and placed on your desk where you can enjoy them at your leisure. Others may lend themselves to being hung in prominent places in your home to be enjoyed by everyone who comes to see you.

Displaying your photos is a process that can take some time and investment to protect the photos and show them off in the best way. Possibly the first thing to take into consideration is the frame for your photo.

You want to match the frame to the style of your home or office. You don’t want frames that garishly stand out from the rest of your décor when displaying your photos. Simple designs are always acceptable. In fact, most galleries and museums use very simple frames for photos.

You want the focus of attention to be on the photo itself and not on the frame that protects it. Thus, you don’t want to use frames that distract from the photos themselves when displaying your photos.

In the same way, you want to be sure the color of your frames do not clash with the colors in your photos. It can help to use a computer to make a mock-up of what your photo will look like inside different frames. This will help you in selecting the proper frames for displaying your photos.

Next month, we’ll look at other aspects to be considered when displaying your photos.

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