About Us

Hello again…I’m glad you are here. I’m Karen, owner of Gallery Portraits.

I started this crazy journey at the age of 10. My love of people, and passion for the camera, made my Grandmother say “Maybe you should be a photographer when you grow up” and there it was, my path.

So you can get to know me just a little, here are a few things about me that you don’t see when I’m behind the camera:

I like to Spartan, and be a Tough Mudder.
I love pink, and sparkle and if you combine them WOW!
I have 3 kids, all grown, and two amazing grand kiddos, they call me Grammy; I prefer Glammy.

I love it when people say “you are too young to have grand kids” (Feel free to say that, anytime).
I love chocolate and coffee in the morning. I hate bananas all the time.
I am silly, competitive, and passionate about my family.

I have photographed thousands of families and children over the years, but each time a new family walks through the door, or a child I have been photographing for years comes in for a new milestone, I give them each a piece of heart and my heart grows just a little more. I enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of each session. I am glad you are here… Welcome to the Gallery Portraits family.

Hey I’m Kiera. I’ve been working with Karen around Gallery Portraits for about five years now but I’ve been a photographer for longer.

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer, but I knew I liked to be creative. So I went to art school and discovered photography there. I liked it so much, I decided to keep going to school and get my masters.

When I’m not behind the computer re-touching your photos, designing your cards or putting together your artbook pages, I might be teaching photography to college students.

I spend a lot of my free time helping my husband renovate an old house we bought, or chilling with our dog.