Senior Information

Things to keep in mind for your senior portrait session!

The Sitting

Your portrait sitting will last approximately 1 hour.  We schedule ½ hour inside and ½ hour outside.  If you choose only indoors or outdoors allow approximately ½ hour.

You may bring up to three outfits (if you can change fast!)

If you have a special hobby, a favorite sport or a best buddy, bring them along for a few shots!  We love props from home they add a special touch.

To avoid last minute accidents or wrinkles we recommend you bring your clothing and change when you arrive.  If you choose to do this or have last minute hair and makeup touch ups, please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare.

Clothing & Make Up

The idea of clothing is to be subtle, thus drawing attention to the face.  Think simple and timeless.

Solid colors are recommended for both indoor and outdoor portraits. Avoid loud patterns and stripes.

Deep blues, hunter greens, burgundy and black flatter most skin types.  Light hues such as pink and pastel blue are often pleasing for most skin tones.

Denim accents and khaki are always a nice choice and create a timeless look.

We suggest long sleeves for all portraits taken from the waist up.  Most of the indoor portraits are closer up so we suggest long sleeves and sweaters for these more formal portraits. If weight is a concern, we recommend dark colors.

If you would like to wear your favorite summer top choose this for your outdoor portraits.

It is wise to avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose.  Tight clothing makes posing uncomfortable.  Loose clothing makes posing difficult and adds weight.

Short skirts or low tops are NOT recommended.  These choices will limit posing options.

If you are having a hard time deciding bring a few extras we can help you decide.

When choosing make up we recommend you wear it slightly heavier than you would for everyday wear. We also recommend you bring a compact with pressed powder for touch ups just

before your sitting, and also during your sitting on a hot day to minimize shine.

Proof Viewing & Portrait Selection

Your images will be available approximately 1 week after your session date. We will set up an appointment for your viewing the day of your session unless other arrangements are necessary.

We recommend both the student and parent come to the proof viewing.  We offer one, one-hour presentation to place your order. This is included as part of your session fee. Additional viewings are available at a fee of $40. We offer a variety of cropping options, enhancements and special products that are difficult to show without a proper viewing session. Viewing the cropping options is often an essential part of the decision making process.

When you place your order a deposit of ½ of the remaining balance (after earlier deposits) is due before the order can be processed.