The Importance of Family Photos

In this digital age, the vast majority of the photos you take are probably taken on your cell phone. Many of them are blurry, off-center, or rushed. Too often there are far too few family photos that capture the essence of your family.

What are the things most often grabbed when a house is on fire and the people want to be sure these treasures are safe? Family photos.

But you can’t grab what you don’t have.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about that until it’s too late. One of the most common, and comforting, things people do after losing someone they love is bring out the family photos and go through them.

This helps you remember and gain a tiny bit of comfort when that person is no longer around.

Of course, the process can also be upsetting. Not necessarily because the family photos reinforce the fact that the person is no longer here, but also because you may not find as many as you hoped.

When you look at those family photos, you feel a sense of pride in your family and you want to share them with others. You remember good times, you can travel back in time and re-live some experiences that mean a great deal to you, you’re reminded of how fast time passes, and you learn how to enjoy the time you have now with loved ones.

Family photos connect you with your past and show your kids you once were one like them. This helps your kids grow a connection with their family history, also.

It’s been proven that helping your kids see your family as a cohesive unit will build their self-esteem, their feeling of belonging, their sense of being loved.

Having family photos taken can become a time for bonding among the members of your family. The closeness, the touching, the being in the presence of those who are most important to you is very valuable.

These are just a few reasons for the importance of family photos.

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