First Birthday Photos

There are a number of reasons those first birthday photos are important. Whether your first or your third, your baby is growing up. Think about those milestones he or she has met in this first year.

Remember their first step? What about that first tooth? Or the first time they said Mama or Dada?

There are so many things your baby has accomplished this early in his or her life. Making sure those first birthday photos are well done marks a very significant milestone in his or her life.

And while you’re busy getting everything set up just right, the cake either ordered or baked, decorations just right, invitations sent out, you might just forget one very important thing: the first birthday photos.

And like so many parents now, you may not want to be stuck behind the camera instead of enjoying your baby on this momentous occasion. That’s a really good reason to hire a professional photographer for those first birthday photos.

All birthdays are special, but first birthdays are extra special. Just think, not long before you were holding that little one in your arms and now here he or she is, standing alone, walking, and seemingly all grown up already.

There are several things you can do to make that first birthday, and those first birthday photos, really special. For example: take a picture of your little one the night before as he or she is asleep. Put that in the baby book as the time he or she fell asleep as an 11-month old only to wake as a one year old!

Those first birthday photos can be made more special by making sure your baby has a good nap before the party. You want him or her to be on their best behavior. As soon as they see all those presents and all that great food, they may change from being your little darling!

Consider having a theme for the party. Not only will that provide for great first birthday photos, it will also make things easier for you.

An outdoor venue may be wonderful for the party, weather permitting. This will make for great first birthday photos, too.

Remember: the first birthday photos and the party are not for the baby. They’re for you and all of those who helped make the first year of your baby’s life so good.

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