Newborn Photos

Whether it is your first baby or any other number, you want to be sure to get plenty of newborn photos. Why newborns? Because babies change dramatically in the first one or two weeks of life outside the womb. What you see today will be gone tomorrow.

And if you don’t get those newborn photos in the first few days of life, too many other things will intrude on you. Trying to grab a few hours of sleep, feeding and changing the baby, being just too worn out to do much more will get in the way of taking those newborn photos that will mean so much later on.

And snapshots on the camera phone just won’t do.

Newborn photos deserve much better. They deserve a professional photographer.

When your baby is small, they sleep a lot. Those sleeping positions they curl into now won’t be there next week. It’s important to grab the newborn photos while you have the chance.

A major plus for having a professional photographer do your newborn photos is for both mom and dad to be in the pictures. Much of the time, one or the other of you will be taking the photos while the other holds the baby. This allows both of you to be in the newborn photos.

Another reason for newborn photos is: Memories. Later on, somewhere down the road, you will pull out those newborn photos and compare them to the toddler or school child or graduate you see.

Avoiding regrets is another reason for newborn photos. If you don’t have them done, later you’ll wish you did. Regrets hurt. Don’t allow yourself to do that to you.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when having newborn photos made by a professional. One is to be sure to keep the baby warm. Heating blankets before wrapping your newborn in them will help keep him/her/them comfortable. It helps to keep the squirms down.

Waiting to feed your baby until you get to the studio where your newborn photos will be done is also a good idea. A full belly equals a resting baby.

If at all possible, schedule your newborn photos to be done in the morning. Most babies are more cooperative at that time of day. Plus, newborns typically sleep better in the mornings.

You want the best photographers available to take your newborn photos. Pixel Perfect Photography in Amherst, NH, is the perfect place to capture the magic of your moments. Karen and Kiera are waiting to do their best for you. Call 603-672-8780 to schedule a time to get together and plan how they will meet your needs.