The Art and the Magic of Storytelling

storytellingI might just be a photographer because I’m a bit of a frustrated writer. My secret life-long goal has always been to write a book. I love the whole process of putting pen to paper and coming up with words that resonate,  entertain and tell stories. Different mediums – words, images and videos – are all capable of storytelling, something we’ve been doing since man learned to communicate. Done well, the art of telling a good story is nothing less than magic.

Some of the most powerful stories tend to be those with words and images. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words and a picture you love is priceless but pictures and words together give you the best of both worlds. The combination of access into the innermost thoughts of the characters and visual eye candy bring the whole story to life.

So I thought I would take a little time and combine the two mediums I love, pictures and words and give you some insight into what goes on behind a photo shoot in my studio. What’s more fun than looking behind the scenes? Don’t you love peeking behind the curtain? TV shows and movies are on to this whole concept. I’m incredibly drawn to stories where the author or characters at some point discuss how a set was created or what was going on during a particular scene. It’s entertaining and it makes me feel a little privileged, almost as if I’ve been given a back-stage pass.

So I extend to you a Pixel Perfect back-stage pass over the next several weeks as I present – in images and words – a few of my recent photo sessions. We’ll call them ‘Session Stories.’ I was going to try for a daily story over the course of a week but I think that may be a bit ambitious even for me when I run with an idea. So I’m opting for a weekly installment. Stay tuned – the first installment will be coming your way soon.

I hope you are excited to join me on this storytelling journey! My goal is that telling these stories will entertain you, give you some ideas and maybe give new clients some insight into how things work in our studio. Somewhat selfishly this little exercise will give me license to set aside time to write, which I do love. And, this may all lead to some new ideas – always a benefit. As you read the stories I share … please leave a comment or two. It will encourage me to carry on and will help me understand what moves you – and maybe, what doesn’t :).

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