Tips For Taking Photos In The Rain

Many times when people set out to take photos, they return home when it starts raining. It’s not necessary to that when you know these tips for taking photos in the rain.

Take Care of Your Camera. First and foremost when taking photos in the rain is to protect your camera. There are numerous covers you can purchase for your camera that will keep it dry. But keep in mind a good plastic bag with no holes might work just as well. You’ll probably want to use a lens hood to keep rain drops off the lens. Remember to cover your camera bag, too.

Moisture Absorbing Packets. The second tip for taking photos in the rain is to take along those little silica moisture absorbing packets. Not matter what, your camera will get so water on it. Putting these packets in your camera bag will rid your bag of some of the moisture that will build up in your bag.

Include Color In Your Photos. Another tip for taking photos in the rain is to be sure to include color in the subject matter of your photo. Most of the time when taking photos in the rain you’ll only see things in various shades of white and gray. So add color. Be sure someone in your photo is wearing something colorful.

Get Reflections In Puddles. When taking photos in the rain it’s often hard to get pictures of the raindrops. Focusing on puddles allows you to shoot the ripples created by raindrops hitting the water. It also gives reflections of your subject broken up by the rain.

Check Out The Sky. This tip for taking photos in the rain involves something not often considered: the sky. Not only can you get some great dramatic shots of clouds whirling and swirling, if the sun breaks through you will capture gorgeous shots that wouldn’t be possible without the rain.

Watch The People. The final tip for taking photos in the rain involves people. Everyone reacts to rain differently. There is your subject matter! Capture the moments given you by people to yield magnificent photos in the rain.

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