Photography In Different Light Conditions – 2

Last month we began a discussion of photography in different light conditions. This month the topic comes under consideration again.

In general, outdoor photography doesn’t turn out as well in the harsh light of midday. The light from the sun high in the sky seems harsher and not as warm as the light early or late in the day.

On the other hand, winter often proves conducive to good photography in different light conditions during the daytime. The sun stays low in the sky at this time and provides interesting side and back lighting.

One of the different light conditions for photography comes during cloudy days. Often, people interested in photography dismiss cloudy days. On these days, the light seems flat, lacking in interest or drama.

However, this one of the different light conditions for photography lends itself to portraits. Rather than highlighting wrinkles and blemishes as strong sunlight does, this type of light spreads evenly on the subjects and gives more flattering photos.

Outdoor photography in different light conditions often yields good results in the time just after sunset while there is still light available. Beautiful colors in the clouds make for beautiful results. The light often proves softer at sunset than at dawn.

One of the different light conditions that produces professional results when taking portraits is window light. Its gentle light coming from a natural source yields wonderful portraits.

When using window light, you will want to turn off internal lights and utilize shades to control the light. The shadows and patterns obtained by using curtains and shades can give you very interesting different light conditions. If manipulating the light leaves darker shadows on one side of your subject, use a reflector to change the light.

Backlighting is another of the different light conditions used in photography. If you decide to use backlighting, you will probably want to use manual focus and exposure.

This kind of the different light conditions provides an unfocused background and a dreamy look to photos. Photos taken this way in the golden hour turn out particularly well.

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