Storing Hard Copy Photos – 2

Last month we talked about some issues in storing hard copy photos. This month we have some more issues to discuss.

Choosing the right container for storing hard copy photos is something most people don’t consider. The two main types of containers are photo albums or photo containers.

In the past, people didn’t know the issues involved in storing hard copy photos in albums. They bought cheap albums, put their photos in them, and left them, sometimes for years. Now they regret that decision.

Now, people understand your pictures can be harmed by storing hard copy photos in these kinds of albums. Non-archival quality papers such as found in these albums can contain lignin and other acid substances that can destroy your photos. Some of the adhesive substances used in storing hard copy photos in albums can yellow with age. Some of the plastics in these albums can degrade and cause your photos to become permanently stuck to them.

There are many boxes that can be bought that are much better for storing hard copy photos. They are archival quality, acid-free, and safe to use for your photos.

Loading the boxes the right way in storing hard copy photos will preserve and protect them for long periods of time. Be sure not to overload the boxes. You don’t want to bend or crush your photos.

But you also don’t want to underfill the boxes. Storing hard copy photos in underfilled boxes will allow your photos to move around, leading to bending or curling the edges. You can use approved dividers if you don’t have a full box.

If the environment where you’re storing hard copy photos is not humid or hot in a high temperature zone, it’s all right to stack your photos. Be sure to stack them loosely.

Some ‘don’ts’ to follow when storing hard copy photos include don’t use tape or glue to fix them on the pages of albums. Also, don’t use any paper other than archival quality paper in your albums. Don’t hold photos together with paper clips or rubber bands. Don’t store photos in envelopes unless the envelopes are made of archival quality paper.

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