Setting Up Great Photos

Setting up great photos is not as difficult as you might think. Of course, you’ve seen photos (and maybe taken a few) where the subjects in the photos are squinting into the sun, or have been washed out because of the wrong lighting, or maybe the subject of the photo isn’t as clear as you wanted.

Here are a few tips to help you when you’re setting up great photos.

Focus on one subject. Make that person or object the primary one when you’re setting up great photos. Don’t try to prioritize everything in one shot. Do you want to focus on the person or the landscape? If it’s the landscape you want to be primary, be sure the person or people in the shot aren’t obscuring some part of the landscape. If you want to focus on the person, bring them in closer to the camera and have the landscape be a gorgeous background.

Before you trigger the shutter, be sure to check to see that you’re not cutting off part of the landscape or part of the person. When setting up great photos, you want all of the subject you can get in the photo. Include more space around the person who is the focus. Cropping a photo is easier than photoshopping part of the person back in.

Be sure of your light source. When you’re setting up great photos, you don’t want to shoot into a light source. This will backlight the subject and wash out your photo. Sometimes, you can offset the light source by using a flash to light up the subject. This can work sometimes. You may have to experiment to see if the light source is too strong.

Always check your focus. Be sure your subject is in focus. When you’re setting up great photos, there’s nothing so disappointing than to see your subject out of focus in the final picture.

Change the camera angle for added interest. The idea is setting up great photos. Experiment with different camera angles for more drama and interest.

Use the environment to frame your shots. When setting up great photos you can use the land around you to frame the shots you take and add interest to your photos.

All these things and more make for more interesting and dramatic photos. Today, you want the best photographers available to take your photos. Pixel Perfect Photography in Amherst, NH, is the perfect place to capture the magic of your moments. Karen and Kiera are waiting to do their best for you. Call 603-672-8780 to schedule a time to get together and plan how they will meet your needs.