Choosing A Photographer

With the availability of cameras on cell phones and inexpensive digital cameras, nearly anyone can take photos. But there are times you may want help in choosing a photographer for special occasions. What do you look for?

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a photographer.

Competition among photographers can be fierce. Almost anyone can hang out a sign and try to pass themselves off as a photographer. When choosing a photographer you want the best. Word of mouth is an excellent place to start.

Ask your friends if they know of an excellent photographer. Maybe you’ve seen a photo on one of their walls that really impressed you. Ask who took it for them. Don’t be afraid to ask for details, either. Find out how happy they were with the experience, if they think the cost was right, and if the photographer was good with kids if you have kids to be in the photo.

Once you have a couple, or more, names when you’re choosing a photographer, go their studios and look through their portfolios. Take enough time to look closely at their finished work.

What was the exposure like on the photos? Underexposed photos will contain overpowering dark spots and shadows. Tones will be muted and there will be no highlights to catch your eye. Over exposed photos will have significant white highlights where detail should be seen.

When choosing a photographer, check his or her conversions. Any good photographer should be able to convert photos into black and whites, sepias, and other conversions. How is the quality of your photographers’ conversions?

As you’re choosing a photographer, be sure to check the saturation and sharpness of the colors. Oversaturated or overly bright colors can overpower the photo. Too much sharpness will make the subjects look like they have outlines around them.

Skin color is another factor to consider when choosing a photographer. The colors should be natural and not over-produced.

When you’re choosing a photographer, be sure to dig deeper in their portfolios. Like everyone, photographers put their best work in the front. If you see the quality of the photos deteriorating, you may want to stay away from that photographer.

Even though everyone can call themselves photographers, you want the best available. Pixel Perfect Photography in Amherst, NH, is the perfect place to capture the magic of your moments. Karen and Kiera are waiting to do their best for you. Call 603-672-8780 to schedule a time to get together and plan how they will meet your needs. They can even give you advice on choosing a photographer for yourself.