Why Is Photography Important?

Why is photography important? Pictures you keep with you or hang in your home or office tell a lot about you. They tell what and who is most important to you.

Those who are important to you can be kept around for many years, even generations through photography. This is the way to keep family and cultural histories alive. Those people, those events that you preserve through photography will never be the same again, so capturing them at the important times in your life is important.

Why is photography important? Not only does it tell what and who is most important to you, it helps preserve history. It may be only your personal history, but it is yours. Once you’re gone, it will be your kids’ and your relatives’ history of your life, as well.

Why is photography important? It enables everyone to be an artist, to communicate something that words often can’t. Photography can move people in a way that words cannot.

Why is photography important? It is valuable to people. What is the first thing that most people would rescue from a house fire after all the people are safe? Most of them will grab the photo album or the device that has computer images of their family and events in their lives. This shows how powerful photos are to us.

Why is photography important? Photos connect us. Not just to each other, but to past generations and those who have gone before us. They allow you to help your kids connect with the family’s history and those who began it. This helps you and your kids develop an identity and increase self-esteem.

Why is photography important? It is memories. Memories tie us to each other. To our past. To the feelings that are connected to each person and event in our lives. These memories can form the basis for a productive future, as well.

Why is photography important? It tells a story. It tells YOUR story.

That’s why photography is important.

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