Exciting Gallery Portraits News! |NH|Photographer

Exciting Gallery Portraits News! |NH|Photographer

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some exciting Gallery Portraits news!  It starts December 7th when WMUR ran a story about a local portrait studio closing its doors unexpectedly, leaving clients with prepaid baby plans and no way to fulfill them. This was more than a little unsettling for many of their clients, to say the least!  I had long admired the studio so I started following the story and decided that I could help.

The short story goes, the well loved and admired original owner retired last February and despite best efforts the new owner could not keep it going.

I am proud to say that after a month of working behinds the scenes, with both the current and original owner, our agreement was made official Monday January 9th!

Although I have not purchased the LLC, I have agreed to fulfill all the outstanding sessions and orders, in exchange for the studio’s many years of hard work, website, phone number, marketing materials, trade name and so on.  I have learned over the last month that Gail, the original Pixel Perfect owner, was so well loved, her blessing is going a long way to reassure her past clients they are in good hands.  So, an exciting new chapter is beginning! I will still be Gallery Portraits, I will still be in MY location, nothing Gallery Portraits will change, but I am excited to open the doors and the addition of a new Brand “Pixel Perfect Babies and Children”.

Karen Farren Gallery Portraits

Here is what Gail had to say:

I have to tell you all that Karen held her very first Pixel sessions today. I asked her if I could help and she graciously consented, so I was there.

First, I LOVE her studio. Absolutely adorable and very functional. She is more organized than I was, I love that you can tell where everything is at a moment’s notice.

Next, SO many of my props are at her studio. You might think I would feel a little weirded out that many of my ‘things’ are somewhere else, but the only thing I feel is comforted that those of you who like what we did will love the consistency that Karen can offer.

Karen is SO good at what she does. When you’re photographing babies, you have to be able to roll with the punches, switch things up quickly and make snap decisions – all the while juggling a camera, comforting a baby, directing a parent, and paying attention to all your equipment. Karen did all that and more. It’s so clear to me that she knows exactly what she is doing. I felt like I was watching me work (but younger ????). Love that.

Karen has been studying how we do things for weeks and is determined to offer a consistent type of photography to all the Pixel clients. But I think those of you who have chosen to go forward with Karen will get even more because Karen has been photographing for 24 years and also has her own style and additional things that she can ADD to your session. So you get everything I used to do and more, because Karen clearly has tricks of her own that work.

Published: January 15, 2017