Easter Pictures with Bunnies and Ducks

Yes, Easter pictures and the bunnies and ducks will be here soon! This year we are offering one totally awesome set on one day only!

Bunnies and Ducks 2014

The Date: Saturday, March 22.  Only 15 sessions available this year so book early!

Who can participate: Children of all ages and babies, so long as they can sit well, unassisted.

Length of the sessions: Sessions will be 30 minutes in duration and you will view your pictures and select your order immediately after.

What’s new this year: The set is brand new and you’re gonna love it! Also, no session fee this year! We do require a $99 deposit at signup but the entire $99 is a deposit towards whatever you order. And, be sure to check out our Bunnies & Ducks page for information about what to wear (especially important with this set), how to best prepare and information on our products and pricing for this special event.

For more information visit our Bunnies & Ducks page here

To signup click here or call us at 603-579-0500.