Got a Winner for Wednesday!

If you’ve found yourself here chances are that you are following our week-long daily drawing to promote our new website and gather feedback. You can find out more about our daily drawing going on this week [intlink id=”6304″ type=”post”]right here[/intlink].

wednesday winner

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to submit feedback – we really appreciate it! Here are a few things that we’ve already implemented as a result of your comments:

  • We modified the home page slideshow so there would be a little less movement, so the words to the story would move more subtly.
  • We added a search bar to the top of the inside pages with a sidebar.
  • We added an additional version of our galleries so that if you choose to view all the thumbnails for a given gallery you can now do that. Check out our Galleries page for details.
  • And, we’re still noodling on a mobile solution – that’s going to take more time.

As promised we selected a winner from Wednesday’s drawing at random. The name was selected by using a cute little app called Tea Round. We entered all the names of the participants into the app, asked it to pick one person at random and we got a winner! Rebecca Gregoire is the recipient of a $25 gift card to Chunky’s Cinema. Congratulations Rebecca! We just contacted you via email so we can arrange to get the gift card to you.

Just 2 days left to our contest! Thursday’s winner will be the recipient of a $25 gift card from the Pottery Barn. Who doesn’t love the Pottery Barn?! Remember, we need to have 10 participants to select a winner so be sure to share this drawing with family and friends. All you need to do is leave a comment on any post on our [intlink id=”5242″ type=”page”]blog[/intlink] or complete our survey.

Thanks again everyone & keep those cards & letters coming!