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Christmas Sets for 2018


Here is a sneak peek at this year’s sets and colors!


Whether you are looking for bright and whimsy, wood and rustic or classic Christmas, we have the set for you. In addition to these sets, we have so many Christmas props and backgrounds you can find many looks you love. Our holiday sets are up now through Christmas, but if you are looking for cards and gifts, sooner is better!


During our seasonal sessions, we will photograph your child in several of our gorgeous sets. These hour-long sessions are geared for children of all ages. We recommend one to two outfit changes, depending on the children’s ages. Our traditional set looks great with those fancy dresses or little boy suits and sweaters.  Our rustic set is great with casual outfits and if you have Christmas jammies, we have fun for those too!


Questions on what to wear?  No problem! We will be happy to give you ideas and suggestions when you call to schedule your appointment. Give us a call at 603-579-0500 to schedule.


Please be sure to sure to watch our Facebook page at to see more sets and samples as the season progresses.


Published: November 7th, 2018


Bunnies are Coming!

Mark your calendar! Bunnies are coming back to Gallery Portraits for two weekends only: March 10-11, and March 17-18. Call today to reserve a spot! 603-672-8780



Stay tuned for more information on our sets this year!


Published: February 6th, 2018


Exciting Gallery Portraits News! |NH|Photographer

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some exciting Gallery Portraits news!  It starts December 7th when WMUR ran a story about a local portrait studio closing its doors unexpectedly, leaving clients with prepaid baby plans and no way to fulfill them. This was more than a little unsettling for many of their clients, to say the least!  I had long admired the studio so I started following the story and decided that I could help.

The short story goes, the well loved and admired original owner retired last February and despite best efforts the new owner could not keep it going.

I am proud to say that after a month of working behinds the scenes, with both the current and original owner, our agreement was made official Monday January 9th!

Although I have not purchased the LLC, I have agreed to fulfill all the outstanding sessions and orders, in exchange for the studio’s many years of hard work, website, phone number, marketing materials, trade name and so on.  I have learned over the last month that Gail, the original Pixel Perfect owner, was so well loved, her blessing is going a long way to reassure her past clients they are in good hands.  So, an exciting new chapter is beginning! I will still be Gallery Portraits, I will still be in MY location, nothing Gallery Portraits will change, but I am excited to open the doors and the addition of a new Brand “Pixel Perfect Babies and Children”.

Karen Farren Gallery Portraits

Here is what Gail had to say:

I have to tell you all that Karen held her very first Pixel sessions today. I asked her if I could help and she graciously consented, so I was there.

First, I LOVE her studio. Absolutely adorable and very functional. She is more organized than I was, I love that you can tell where everything is at a moment’s notice.

Next, SO many of my props are at her studio. You might think I would feel a little weirded out that many of my ‘things’ are somewhere else, but the only thing I feel is comforted that those of you who like what we did will love the consistency that Karen can offer.

Karen is SO good at what she does. When you’re photographing babies, you have to be able to roll with the punches, switch things up quickly and make snap decisions – all the while juggling a camera, comforting a baby, directing a parent, and paying attention to all your equipment. Karen did all that and more. It’s so clear to me that she knows exactly what she is doing. I felt like I was watching me work (but younger 😀). Love that.

Karen has been studying how we do things for weeks and is determined to offer a consistent type of photography to all the Pixel clients. But I think those of you who have chosen to go forward with Karen will get even more because Karen has been photographing for 24 years and also has her own style and additional things that she can ADD to your session. So you get everything I used to do and more, because Karen clearly has tricks of her own that work.

Published: January 15, 2017


Photographer|NH|Small Business Saturday|re-post

This is a post I wrote a few years ago.  I am re-posting it because, while I wrote something new this year, also from my heart, I don’t think I can express my feelings or gratitude any better than I did here.

A personal note from Karen:

I own a small business.  I am many things.  I am not many things.

I am not a discount store.  I do not have a huge volume, therefore I do not get big volume vendor discounts.  I am not able to mark everything down to 50% for a weekend.  I am not open on Thanksgiving, I need  time with my family.

I am passionate about what I do.  That is why I started this crazy ride as a small business owner 20 plus years ago.  My clients are the only reason I get to do what I love so much, and I try to add a personal touch to everthing I do.  I am unique. No one else can photograph just like me.  It is my eye that sees the way I do.  I make my own sets. I create new things all the time.  I want my clients to feel like they have a different experience everytime they come in. Things are not cookie cutter.  I am human.  Sometimes I make a mistake.  But again, my clients are the only thing that keep my business alive and I do everything I can to make it right quickly. Customer service is a top priority.

I am one of many small businesses in your community.  You know us. We are your plumbers, hair stylists, local florist and dentist.  We are the boutique owner and the corner store. We are the Bed and Breakfast where you spend your  weekend get away .We started small, out of our home. We poured our heart and soul into our business.  Our families and friends came to the rescue many times when we couldn’t do it all and a few hours of help would stop the tears of exhaustion. Often, they still do.  We grew.  We hired employees.  They get us.  They know we can’t pay the corporate wage, but they have the same passion. They are treated well, and with consideration.  They can take a day off because their little one starts first grade today, or their brother leaves tomorrow for college.  They become family.

This may be you. If not, you know one of us.  You have supported us.  I am a small business owner and I thank you for shopping local.



IMG_4534R karenC

Published: November 20, 2016


 Christmas|Photographer|Southern NH

It is that magical time of year again!  Our sets are up and our Christmas sessions are under way! We have appointments available as soon as this weekend! Did you know we have availability on Saturday and Sunday through the holiday season?  We also are scheduling appointments Friday, Saturday and Sunday over Thanksgiving weekend! Take advantage of the extra day and get those holiday portraits checked off the list!
White Sparkle Silver Holiday Christmas set for Family and Children Photography in Central and Southern NH at Gallery Portraits

It’s a white Christmas this year at Gallery Portraits!  Imagine how beautiful your Christmas photos will be this year, with either coordinating whites, blacks and greys, giving your holiday photos a soft white Christmas look or bright and cheery with a pop of color to make the kids really stand out.  Either way this set will look amazing!

Toastin’ Marshmallows by the Fire

Toasting marshmallows, warming your hands by the fire, or sharing some hot cocoa with family.  Come enjoy our rustic  cabin. Bring some scarfs and mittens for an outdoor feel to your photos.
And… if you wish really hard,
we may be able to add holiday cheer,
and some “magical” snow may appear!
Christmas Outdoor Scene Photography Portriat
Hot Cocoa Set Christmas Children and Family pictures in Central and Southern NH, Manchester, Merrimack ChristmasPortraitChildrenSet2
Check out two of this year’s new sets. 
I can’t wait to see little ones on our Christmas tricycle!
And of course all of of our favorites are back.  Visit Santa’s workshop, visit with the elves and spread some holiday joy!
Please call the studio to set up a time for YOUR family this holiday season.  We can’t wait to share all the fun!
(603) 672-8780  Salzburg Square  Amherst NH

Published: November 14, 2016

















Christmas|Children Photography|Southern NH


As the holidays approach there are a few things I would like to share with parents looking to get the perfect holiday photo of the children this year:  These are the things I have found have made our clients appreciate our studio and return year after year.

  1. You will always have the same photographer
  2. We work with assistants
  3. We schedule and hour of undivided attention
  4. We have you come back to view your images.

Does it really matter who takes the photos? I believe it does. Always having the same photographer is so important.  It is much easier for a child to relax and have fun when they are familiar with the person that is photographing them and know what to expect.

As a parent, it is important to know that the photographer is experienced and the quality of the images taken will be the same each time.  Why take a chance that your photographer was just trained as seasonal help?  You put a lot of effort into preparing for your portraits.

Why do I like to have an assistant? Portrait sessions can often be stressful for parents. Buying outfits, Getting out the door wrestling children into holiday outfits, hoping they will listen to the photographer, and you won’t have to bribe them with some sugary treat.  Parents start to sweat just thinking about it.  But, what if when you arrived, someone greeted you at the door, offered you a cup of coffee, and THEN there was another person there to help keep the children in place, making funny noises while YOU stand back, drinking your coffee watching THEM sweat ,and roll around on the floor making your children smile.  Sometimes photo sessions take two photographers, at Gallery Portraits we know that.

Do you really need an hour? Many times yes. Sometimes that means stopping for a snack, letting a 2 year old run and get the wiggles out or changing props to something that keeps a child attention.  We have planned a full hour for your family to be sure no one feels rushed or pushed out the door for the next appointment.

Why do you prefer we come another day to look at the photos? Another part of the experience made easier by our studio is the ordering appointment.  We have our clients come back a week after the portrait session to view the images and place their order.  We feel this is much better for the client. We are able to put together a presentation of just the best images, we show them in a quiet, comfortable room, starting with a slide show set to music, and plenty of time to choose without pressure.


Published: November 14, 2016






Newborn Baby Photos|Newborn Photographer|Southern NH

The last few months have brought in some super cute newborns!  We have picked up a few new props and little knit hats and outfits.  I just love the  super sleepy baby photos we have created this year for our littlest clients, not to mention their Mommies!  Take a peek at our newborn photos below and a couple of our favorites, as well as the newest newborn props!

Newborn Baby Photos with Bee Props

Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl Photography

New Mermaid Baby Girl Photo

Picture of Newborn Baby Boy sleeping on moon chalkboard backgroup

Published: March 17, 2016



Easter Pictures with Bunnies|Children Photographer |Southern NH

Here is our garden set this year, the set everyone waits to see! “What colors should we choose for our outfits?” is the question we answer most often at this time of year.  We are very excited this year to have a “two in One” set.  Your little ones can have a picnic by the water, or just go fishing.  Maybe your little girls are have a picnic under the parasol, while your young man catches turtles from the bridge. We can’t wait to start using this set!  We also included last years favorites that will be available this year as well for those of you who are new to the studio, or missed last year.  We love the bright colors in the flower garden and our new pond is great for spring photos.  (Maybe we will see an ice skating pond in a future holiday set?) and there are still a couple more we are working on.

Check the photos out, and as always call with any questions (603)672-8780

Think Spring!

Spring Garden Set for Easter Bunnies

Full Garden Set


New spring sets for pictures with bunnies 2016


Returning Awesome Sets for Pictures with Live Bunnies


Published: February 26, 2016


NH photographers|Pictures with Bunnies

It’s coming….Real bunny photos at Gallery Portraits!  We love this time of year, children and real bunnies, what could be cuter?  We run this promotion every year and we enjoy each session, watching happy children squeal with delight when the tiny bunnies make their appearance.  Children of all ages are from sitting up to teens enjoy these bunny sessions.  Dates for 2016 are Saturday and Sunday, March 5th and 6th or 12th and 13th.  Many people love to display these for Easter, so be sure to let us know so we can schedule you the first weekend.  Space is limited so give us a call today!

girl snuggling a bunny young boy holding bunny baby and bunny window light

Children with Bunnies in Easter Baskets Child and Bunny Kisses PictureSweet Girl Cuddles Bunnies for Pictures

The Blog is Here!

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to get our blog up and running.  We will be posting things we have been up to, like our newborn sessions, our upcoming specials, “portraits with bunnies” weekends, new props and sets that we create.  Family sessions are always happening and, believe it or not, beach portraits will be here before we know it.  So check back every so often and see what we are up to, we can’t wait to share with you!

This year we're looking forawrd to all sorts of different sessions

Published: January 27, 2016