Sports and Dance

Sports and Dancesports and dance

Gallery Portraits photographs sports teams for private groups and teams, Dance picture days. Gallery Portraits is an owner operated studio, Offering both location, and studio work. Gallery Portraits in 1993 and expanded in 2003 to a retail location in Salzburg Square.
Gallery Portraits is a Full Time, retail location business. We have been in the same location for nearly 10years. 50% of our business comes from Picture days at Private schools and preschools both spring and fall, team picture days for sports teams and Dance schools.
Why Choose Gallery Portraits for your sports team photos?
Gallery Portraits is owner operated. I truly feel this is one of the most important aspects of a business for the following reasons
1. I will be there photographing myself. This means consistency every year, I won’t be sending an untrained photographer. I bring plenty of staff to keep things moving quickly.
2. So often this type of work is considered cookie cutter work and attention to detail, and posing lacks. I will make an effort to vary the poses so every photo is not exactly the same, but yet each child is posed quickly and posed well.
3. I care what EVERY photo looks like, I don’t want unhappy customers.

Some Of Our Products Include:

  • All-star packs showcase the child’s individual picture on 2 bookmarks, 4 bag tags, 2 key tags, 1 door hanger and 1 ruler. Customers love these because the children can bring the rulers and bookmarks to school to show friends, decorate their room with the door hanger, and the parents can take the key tags to show off their all-star wherever they go!
  • Kids love hanging the Giant Ticket Poster up in their rooms! This product is a 10×30 inch print that looks like a huge event ticket with the child’s image and name on it.
  • Ceramic Photo Mugs: The mugs are soccer themed with a full wrap-around graphic and the child’s image and name.
  • Our Water Bottles are made from durable aluminum that will last! These also feature a sports theme and showcase the child’s individual image and name.
  • Double-sided Trader Cards are a MUST for sports leagues! Parents and children love to share these with family and friends, hang them up on the fridge, and save them in scrapbooks
  • Memory Mate is an 8×10 print that features an individual image of the child and an image of the entire team with a fun overall sport theme.
  • Magazine Cover is an 8×10 print made to look like a real soccer magazine cover with article titles and the child’s name featured as the sports star!
  • Event Photo Tickets are regular ticket-sized prints made to look like real tickets to a big soccer game with the child’s image featured with all the information you would expect to see (seat number, event time and date, etc.)
  • In addition to all of those great products we also offer mouse pads, magnets, and mini key chains. If there is another product you are interested in PLEASE ASK!