High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior PortraitsHigh School Senior Photos

Being a senior in high school is one of your child’s greatest achievements thus far in their life. It is their last year before college, it is often the year that they become more of an adult. It’s well worth it to document this year with senior portraits. Whether you’d like a fantastic portrait to display in your child’s final high school year book, or you want an extra special portrait to hang in your home or office, the high school photographer at Gallery Portraits is here to help.

Unique Senior Photos

Every high school senior is a little different in personality, which is why not all clients portraits are done exactly the same at Gallery Portraits. Whether the photo is taken outdoors in the trees, or it’s a sunny shot at the beach, or the photo is done uniquely in the studio, we can ensure that your senior portraits represent you. Although many high schools have a school picture day, most families would like an extra special portrait to mark such a life event in a child’s existence.

Scheduling High School Senior Portraits

When scheduling your photo session, it’s important to schedule it at a convenient time for the student. It’s also a good idea to know what it is you are looking for in a senior portrait, especially if you’d like the photographer to be able to shoot your session in a specific location. Also, you’ll want to figure out what you’d like the student to be wearing in the portrait. Make sure the clothing items fit and are free of stains and other issues that could potentially arrive. Commemorate the most significant year of your child’s schooling, with professional high school portraits.

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